Abortion : how to avoid spontaneous abortion .

Spontaneous abortion abortion abortion abortion connotes, is spontaneous. Abortion is the termination of unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, abortion, fetal become capable of independent living before. Assessment abortion forced termination of pregnancy abortion. It may cause fetal death. Or, abortion may be associated with fetal death. Reasons for abortion spontaneous abortion or miscarriage occurs because there are two main reasons. If the mother has such a disease or suffer such injuries may hinder smooth pregnancy, spontaneous abortion can occur. If you can not develop as it should be fetus within the uterus, can also occur spontaneous abortion. Examples of recurrent spontaneous abortion could impede future promote pregnant women. Toxemia toxemia can also cause both the baby and the mother’s death. This serious condition usually occurs in late pregnancy in some cases. Toxemia become unconscious. May have seizures.

Its symptoms are the presence of protein in the urine, excessive swelling (edema) led to rapid weight gain and even up to 13 kilograms of high blood pressure. If severe toxemia, then the doctor usually selected for immediate delivery to save the child and mother. However, toxemia born automatically get cured.

While it usually affects children, it can occur in adults. The effect is arthritis and joint pain. The most vulnerable adults with sickle cell anemia person.

Abortion on abortion there is a huge difference between these two words meaning: miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) and abortion. While the former is naturally occurring, the latter is artificially proceed.

In the clinic, abortion is generally due consent of the patient or her relatives. Abortion when necessary to become absolutely necessary, and often life-saving emergency mothers. Typically an abortion because pregnancy is unnecessary.

Medical abortion and surgical abortion that abortion is also known as chemical or medical abortion. This has the advantage of abortion, whether it is invasive examination nor doe sit require any medical equipment or anesthesia. In addition, medication abortion can be performed in different clinics can only be in a fully equipped operating room surgical abortion.

Nevertheless, chemical abortions can not get pregnant possible, if you have entered the seventh week. Maternity knitwear On the other hand, surgical abortion can be done faster.

When the occurrence of abortion? Most miscarriages occur in the first three weeks of pregnancy. Between a small number of abortions also occurred in the fourth 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Studies have found that a quarter of all pregnancies are often automatically aborted. Natural tendency to abortion some women spontaneous abortion tendencies. Urgent need for concern gynecological dysfunction.

Miscarriage symptoms mothers relatives must immediately consult a gynecologist, if she complained vaginal bleeding, or suffering from acute abdominal cramps. It has been found, intense vaginal bleeding, symptoms of threatened abortion is the most common complaint. It can also be accompanied by sporadic excruciating pain.

But 50% of people carry the pregnancy to full term. Causes abortion, miscarriage does not occur with only one or a group of interrelated factors.

However, 50% of abortions are attributed to one or both placental problems or unnatural embryonic development. These abnormalities may be due to three main reasons. They can malfunction of sperm or egg cells (germ cells).

In addition, other problems can also lead to maternal miscarriage. The main thing is the psychological impact, including acute trauma and / or anxiety, diabetes and other systemic diseases of the kidney (nephritis).

Abortion happens? When a miscarriage occurs, any of the following may occur: There may be missed abortion. In this state, the dead embryo in the uterus can be kept several months on end. Some of part or all of the expulsion of the fetus abortion.

Such a program, save the endometrial infection or infection. Miscarriage treatment general regulations, in order to avoid threatened abortion is bed rest.

Typically, hormones and vitamin therapy are also suggested. In extreme cases, the patient may even undergo surgery to correct uterine abnormalities. Hormone / hormone synthetic estrogen or synthetic estrogen is also known as DES or diethylstilbestrol.

But in 1970, the researchers found that women taking hormones before 18 weeks of pregnancy the fetus has serious implications. It was found to be particularly prone to develop the fetus is female vaginal cancer.

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